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Best Cat Tunnel You Can Buy

A cat tunnel is an enclosed tube with a solid or mesh covering. It is usually made with fabric material such as nylon, polyester, or plush fiber which is cylindrical and keeps the tunnel open. Cat tunnel varies in length and in sizes. Some cat tunnels have more than one opening, others are coupled with a bed. Cat tunnels are designed for cats to play in and hang out in.


Yes of course. Many cats are timid while others may find themselves dank and dirty cubbyholes, so providing them with a cat tunnel is a great idea.

Cats love to hide, it is in their nature. Providing your cat a cat tunnel gives them a safe place to sleep and keep warm. Cats also love confided areas to hide and stalk their prey, they are covered at most sides with only the area of the front of them open allowing them to see what is coming and pounce.

In this article, we reviewed the top five best cat tunnels but before that, let’s look at some factors to consider before buying a cat tunnel.


  • SIZE OF THE TUNNEL: The size of the tunnel of your cat should be in your mind while buying a cat tunnel. It should be the one your cat can easily enter and exit. Also, consider the area you are going to keep the cat tunnel so that it will fit in properly.
  • MATERIAL USED IN MAKING THE TUNNEL: A cat tunnel should be made with a soft fabric to enable comfort while sleeping and also have rough material to encourage scratching.



PROSPER PET CAT TUNNEL: Prosper pet cat tunnel always get good reviews from buyers and it has some excellent features that cat enjoys which includes crinkle material inside a central peephole and a hanging toy at the end of one of the tunnels.

It is a three-way tunnel and is around 10 inches in diameter and 17 inches long giving your cat about 50 inches of the tunnel to play with. It is also made with polyester material.

PAWZ ROAD COLLAPSIBLE TUNNEL: It has two peepholes for your cat to look out of and for a small cat to climb in and out if they choose. This cat tunnel is S-shaped making it impossible for cats to see straight therefore, becomes more of an adventure and a better hiding spot for cats.

The tunnel measures 10 inches across and 47 inches long.

Although it is a bit large it is still very flexible and folds back easily by hand.

SPEEDY PET CRINKLE CAT TUNNEL: This cat tunnel is made from durable faux suede material and it has crackle material entirely lined. It comes in two sizes:- small which measures 12 inches across and 25 inches long and medium, which measures 12 inches across and 5 inches long.

The small one costs $14 while the medium ones cost $20.

Cat tunnel not only provides room for your cat to play but also helps your cat to exercise in other to shed some fat for healthy living.



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