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Best cat water fountain

A cat water fountain is a machine that produces a small stream of clean and fresh water for drinking. A source of clean running water encourages cats to drink. Water is very necessary for the cat to flush out toxins from the body and to keep the body hydrated for the proper functioning of the organs.

Dehydration in cats can lead to serious health problems so it is very important to provide your cat with a source of fresh water on a daily basis.

As we all know, felines have a very low if not negligible thirst drive that is supposed to help them feel the presence of thirst. But by providing fresh running water, it can help stimulate your cat’s thirst. Water is best kept fresh using automatic cat wat fountains because they use filters to make the water pure and dirt free.

They also inhibit the growth of bacteria due to its constant flow. Not only that, but cat water fountains also had a wide drinking surface that won’t irritate your cat’s whiskers. Unfortunately, it is not easy to identify which among the products is the best cat water fountain because many have very similar features that distinguishing one from the other is difficult.

Not to worry, we looked over dozens of cat water fountains and was able to pick the best out of the multitudes. We put into consideration the one that has the highest quality and at the same affordable. Read on the know the best cat water fountain.


Catit Water Cat Fountain has a smooth open surface that makes it easy for cats to spot the flowing water, and it’s very easy to clean. It is fantastic at filtering any hair, fur, or dirt that falls into the water before it gets cycled back out.

It’s also one of the easiest water fountains to put together, the pieces snap into place without any hassle.while it does slide around a little, it’s impressively well-built. It costs $28.


The MOSPro Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser has all you could want in a cat water fountain. The electric pump is incredibly quiet so you won’t need to worry about the sound irritating your cat in the night. It has a large water tank, about 2 liters, so you will probably only need to refill the water once every 7-10 days.

The fountain operates with a carbon filter and the manufacturer put two filters so it can be replaced if one gets old. It also has 3 water flow settings, with 2 separate spouts to control exactly how fast the water flows. Also, you don’t need to worry about the electric bill; it only uses 2 watts of power. It cost $23.99.



The PetSafe Drinkwell 360 has one of the largest water capacities on the market. The fountain holds up to 128 fluid ounces of water. This means that pets can drink from the fountain for a month without the need to refill the water. The design features up to 5 falling waterfalls for easy access for animals.

It also comes with two rubber feet on the bottom of the fountain. This helps to keep the fountain in place without sliding. The pump is submersible for quiet water circulation. One great feature of this fountain that others don’t have is the ability to customize the flow of the water.

The fountain has a 360-view design so that multiple pets can use the fountain at one time. The fountain’s made with BPA-free materials that are environmentally safe.



This ultra-quiet water fountain is one of the most affordable choices on this list and an all-around good option for budget pet owners. It’s the only water fountain on this list with a 3-year warranty, giving you peace of mind in case something goes wrong years down the road.

It has a compact square design with several different levels and drinking stations. Water cascades down from the top bowl into a second level, then tumbles down a ramp into the bottom basin. The ramp reduces splashing and reduces water noise. Speaking of noise, this is one of the quietest water fountains we’ve tried.

The motor produces a faint, almost imperceptible, hum, while the water makes barely a sound. The Cat Mate fountain has a carbon filter to minimize odors, plus a prefilter that captures larger debris. In our hair test, the Cat Mate’s prefilter worked extremely well, collecting the cat hair before it could reach the carbon filter and pump inside.


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