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Best way for supplementing cat nutrient

Nutritional supplements are among the first fastest growing product in the pet nutrition industry.The primary reason behind this growth is pet owners are supplementing their own diet with results and now believe that their cat also deserves the benefits of supplementation can provide.

Supplements are intended for the purpose of improving the nutritional value of a diet or provide specific nutrients that is deficient in the body.

Advantages that supplements can provide includes boosting overall health and energy, improving performance, providing immune system support, reducing the risk of illness and age related conditions, enhancing life activities and supporting the healing processes during illnesses and disease.

Ideally, a high quality complete and balanced food formulated for your cat’s specific life stage and lifestyle will meet all the essential nutrients to maintain optimal health.Giving your cat more vitamins or minerals could cause more harm than good.There are some situations where a cat has an underlying condition that may warrant a supplement.

Some conditions where your cat may require supplement includes when your cat has a medical condition that makes it unable to absorb a particular nutrient.

For instance small intestinal disease can cause an inability to absorb the B vitamins folate and cobalamine and your cat would require injections of these two supplements as oral supplements won’t be absorbed either.

Another case where your cat might require supplement is if your cat is pregnant or nursing as they are more prone to develop nutritional deficiencies.When buying supplement for your cat, you should bear in mind that there are many unproven supplements in vertinary medicine so,it is best to consult your vet to guide you.

It is also important to remember that you can harm your cat by giving it too many supplements.Cats of different ages and lifestyle have different dietary needs, always consult your Vet to know the supplements that are suitable for your cat’s life stage and medical condition.

Here are some nutritional supplement that will benefit your cat.

PROTEINS: Proteins provide all the amino acids needed throughout your cat’s life to build and repair tissues of the body.Cats are carnivores,they primarily use proteins and fats for energy.Unfortunately,most of today’s pet food provides minimum levels of protein and minimum is incapable of performing the needs of reproduction, work, injuries or disease.

VITAMINS AND MINERALS: Another essential supplement that will benefit your cat is vitamins and minerals which cats do not synthesize on their own so they must come from their diet. Although vitamins and minerals are added to most pet foods, they are reduced by cooking temperatures, processing, prolonged storage or exposure to light.

Vitamins and minerals are important in your cat’s diet because it plays a crucial role in building strong immune system, healthy metabolism of carbohydrates, formation of strong bones and contribute to enzyme formation.

OMEGA-3-FATTY ACIDS: Essential fatty acids are very important especially Omega-3-fatty acids that are used for reducing the amount of inflammation in the body which is essential for optimum health.Omega-3-fatty acids also plays important role in protecting a cat’s immune system,liver,eyes, brain and joints and help fight high cholesterol.

A supplement must be complete which means it contains all the essential nutrients, concentrated and balanced.



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