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Cat essentials: supplies for your cat

Are you considering adopting a cat but not sure of what you need to prepare? There are essentials which can enrich a feline life and improve its well being. It is best to have all supplies for your cat ready before bringing your new cat home so that your pet would be able to start using it immediately and get used to it.

We bring the best cat essentials as well as show you their benefits to your kitten.


This is a must-have and probably the first thing you need to buy, as you will need one to take your new cat home, and also you will need it while taking your cat to a vet for a medical check-up. I personally prefer K&H PET PRODUCTS MOD CAPSULE PET CARRIER & SHELTER because it has a bed and playhouse where your feline friend can play and as well sleep when it wants to rest.

This carrier is designed in a way that it can be properly secured in a vehicle using a seat belt when you want to take your cat to the veterinarian and maybe for trips.its price is $37.5.

You can also check out these carriers:


The more shallow the food bowl, the better because cats have very sensitive whiskers and if their whiskers touch the sides of the bowl, they will think that their face will get stuck thereby will not like to put their face further.

So, try as much as possible to avoid a food bowl that is deep. We like CATGURU WHISKER STRESS FREE CAT FOOD BOWL because it is quite shallow and allows your cat to get the food easily with their whiskers not touching the sides of the bowl. Also, their non-slip legs prevent bowls from sliding around on the floor. It costs $15.97.

Other good bowls include:


A water dish is another essential supply for your cat. When it comes to cats, they prefer running water, so I tend to be a big fan of PET FOUNTAIN CAT WATER DISPENSER.

Why Pet Fountain Cat Dispenser is best because not only would you not have to replenish the water frequently as it can meet the drinking needs of the cat, but also a natural bird bath and a funny pet toy. It has a silent super pump thereby hardly would you hear the sound of water.

It is designed with a simple quick-release structure for easy removal and cleaning. It is tagged $22.99 as a price.

You can get any of these water dishes too:



Cats are obligate carnivores which means they need to get their protein from meat. There are thousands of different kinds of diet out there so try and bring home the best diet that you can afford.

Now also keep in mind that wet foods are better because cats at times don’t take enough water but feeding them with wet foods will provide enough hydration in their body. I recommend feeding them with any of the foods that can be found here as they are of high quality.


The rule of a litter of thumb for litter boxes is for every single cat, you have one litter box plus extra. So if you have one cat, you need two litter boxes, if you have two cats, you need three litter boxes and so on.

Cat are fastidious creatures so, the cleaner their litter boxes are, the more likely they’re to use it. We suggest PETSAFE SCOOP FREE AUTOMATIC SELF CLEANING CAT LITTER BOX because it automatically removes waste and it has crystal litter that removes smell by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste. It also has disposable trays that can removed and replaced easily. It costs $99.95.

You  can get more options for a litter box here as they are of great quality and are pocket friendly too

Bear in mind that while thinking of cat essentials to buy, you should also make an appointment with a veterinarian because your cat needs a medical checkup before you will bring it home.



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