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Cat Jumping: A look at the jumping behavior of cats

Does your cat pounce on you? jump up on countertops? Jump on your bed? Cats are very curious and they love to get into and onto everything. It is very natural behaviour when they jump on your counters, pounce on you or jump on your bed.

Cats are good climbers with strong muscled backs and hindquarters that give them support to jump and climb to high places. They are also equipped with sharp extendable claws that enable them to climb easily.

Cat likes jumping for many reasons, if your cat seems to like hiding behind the couch waiting for you to walk by so it can pounce on you, you might be wondering ‘is this behaviour is normal’?

The answer is yes, it is very normal. The reason why cat pounce on their owners are for play or they are seeking attention. Cats who engage in this behaviour usually hide behind a corner and then suddenly jump on their owners when they walk by. Your cat may dig its claws into you causing an injury to you.

Although you might find this very offensive,  your cat sees it as normal play behaviour. Also, some cat may have found out that if they jump on their owners, their owners may chase after them. In a situation like this, cats learn that when they jump on you, there’s more interaction with you which most cats find very fun.

If your cat jumping behaviour has increased in frequency and is resulting in injuries to you so you want to put a stop to it. You can consult your veterinarian and ask him for ideas on how to redirect your cat’s jumping with some simple play activities or a food treat.

You might also have noticed that your cat loves jumping on countertops and you might have been wondering what could cause such behaviour. Cats love jumping at the countertops because since they are locations where we prepare food, they are often loaded with tempting things to eat such as ground beef or chicken parts which cat enjoys nibbling on.

Another reason why cats jump on countertops is countertops are where kitchen sinks are located and cats are attracted to running water so will like drinking from it.

Despite the appetizing smell and running water, countertops are dangerous for cats since they can provide access to toxic food and sharp objects like knives and breakable items. It is important to teach your cat to stop jumping on counters.

Although this can be difficult there are techniques that have proven successful. So it is best to try a few methods to determine which is most successful.

If you provide your cat with a tall cat tree in your house, it is very likely that your cat will enjoy that more than the counter. With the ability to play, scratch and perch themselves, it provides much more entertainment.

Alongside with providing alternatives, you also have to make the counter less appealing by placing some baking paper over the edge of the counter so that when your cat tries to jump up, they will have an unsteady grip and slide back down.

Additionally, you might have noticed that your cat loves jumping on your bed and might not be happy with this behaviour, your bed smells like you, is imbued with your pheromones and is irresistible to your cat.

If you care that your feline friend jumps onto your bed because of allergies or because they do not let you sleep, or simply because you don’t find it hygienic that they bring in hair, there are ways you can stop your cat from jumping on to your bed.

Get a bed that is elevated so your cat can see you and place it beside your bed. Then if you see that it does not use the bed, you can get it accustomed to it by leaving some of your clothes on top of the bed so your scent will reassure it and make your cat understand that the bed is part of you.

It is best not to stifle your cat’s normal jumping behaviour, you should not be rude or scold your cat, cats learn better with positive stimuli.


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