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Hairless cat: breed of cats without hair

While most cats are known for their soft furry coats, few are famous for their lack of coat. Some people may have thought that Sphynx cat is the only hairless cat breed but on contrary to that, there are many other cat breeds to learn about. This article says more about breeds of cats without fur.


Hairless cat: breeds of cats without hair

Here are some hairless cat breeds to consider for adoption.


The most well known hairless cat breed is Sphynx, which originated in Canada in 1960. Sphynx cats result from naturally occurring recessive genetic mutation through crossbreeding with short hair cats to create a healthy, broad gene pool.

Not all Sphynx cats are hairless, some have a very fine patch of hair on their face, legs, and tail. Personality normally associated with this cat breed is extreme sociability.


BAMBINO cat is a mixed breed and it is a cross between a Sphynx and a munchkin thus featuring The two distinct characteristics of hairlessness and short legs. They are also known as baby cats. Some might have a little fur primarily on their faces, ears, legs, and tail. Bambinos are friendly, intelligent, and affectionate.


Peterbald is a rare, yet highly desired breed of hairless cat. It is a mixed breed created by crossing a Sphynx and Oriental short hair. They differ from the Sphynx in that the gene that governs their hairless trait is dominant rather than recessive. The Peterbald is known for being a very intelligent and extremely affectionate cat.


DONSKOY, sometimes called the Don Sphynx is unique due to his webbed toes.it is a mixed breed of Peterbald and Siamese. He tends to be more wrinkled than the Sphynx. This cat may be born with fur and lose all his hair as he ages. This breed is notably intelligent and active.


The Dwelf was made by crossing an elf with a Munchkin. It retains the curved ears of the Elf while getting the Munchkin’s short legs. These cats tend to be highly outgoing and engaged with their families and almost dog-like in terms of their personality.


This cat is a product of the cross between the Sphynx and American Curl. The friendly and playful Elf cat is the larger version of the Dwelf, they have curled ears. Elfs are active and gentle cats that love to be the center of attention and are extremely inquisitive and playful.

It is important to note that while these breeds of cats without hair can be the perfect option for many allergy sufferers, research still shows that their skin and saliva still secrete some of the allergy-causing protein, so those who are extremely sensitive might still have a reaction.


First of all, before you think of adopting a hairless cat, you should know that they have some specific health, grooming, and skin care needs. A lot of cat owners might think because their cat is hairless, they don’t need to be groomed that grooming is only for furry cats. In fact breeds of cats without fur needs constant grooming, even more than cats with fur.

This is because they lack long hair, oils accumulate on their body and if not properly groomed, they may end up with a sticky build upon their body or develop skin problems.

Also, hairless cats are very sensitive to temperature changes therefore, dress your cat in a sweater to stay warm when the temperature is low and limit the exposure of your hairless cat to sun to prevent sunburnt.

Bear in mind that breeds of cats without fur have a fast metabolism and may eat a bit more than other cats since they have higher body temperatures. Make sure you choose a healthy cat food and provide enough for your cat to eat, along with plenty of freshwater every day.


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