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How long can a cat go without water?

Water is very important to all mammals alike, including the feline ones. Water intake may vary depending on size, age, diet, and even time of the year. Felines that consume only dry food may require more water than those who eat wet food on a daily basis.

Kittens and older cats will need more water than others and all cats may need to drink water when the weather gets warm regardless of their age or breeds, all cats need to drink water and eat cat food every single day.

In general, a healthy and active cat of around 5kilograms or 11 pounds should consume around 250mils of water per day in normal conditions. Unfortunately, you can’t force or water down your cat’s throat when it is refusing to drink water. But you shouldn’t neglect this type of behavior, you can try your best to make sure your cat drinks water though it will be difficult.

Indoor cats cannot stay as long as outdoor cats in the wild so, you have to monitor how they drink water. The answer to the question ‘How long can my cat go without water’? does not have one straight answer that can be applied to all cats.

However, there are some factors that can help you know how long your cat can stay without water but that doesn’t mean you should test your cat’s limit by neglecting to give your cat water.


You may think that food is far more important than water is but you all got it wrong, it is actually the other way round. While a cat that takes regular water can stay without food for about one to two weeks, a cat that doesn’t take water can only last for three to four days.

Outdoor cats can stay longer than their indoor counterparts because they get water from the prey they catch. Water is important for your cat’s survival especially when it lost its appetite and is refusing to eat food. Without a sufficient amount of water, your cat’s health is prone to damage even if the cat is eating its food.

Fortunately, wet cat food can help your cat stay much longer without water. Lack of water will immediately worsen any current health complication. Kittens and hyperactive cat breeds will burn fluids faster than adult cats so they won’t be able to stay long without water.


There are many reasons why cats will stop drinking water, one of them is lack of hygiene. Most felines can be picky when it comes to their water bowls, if they are too deep or made out of skin-irritating plastic, a cat will refuse to drink from them.

Furthermore, some kitten won’t drink from water bowls if they are placed too close to their food, some cats also prefer running water so they won’t drink from their water bowls. Other factors that can make your cat not to drink water includes urinary tract disease and behavioral problems from changes in their routine.


If you suspect your cat is not drinking enough water on a daily basis, you should definitely look into it, try and find out what caused it. Tips that can help your cat to start drinking water include use a suitable container, stainless water bowls are recommended, ensure your cat has fresh water daily, separate the water bowls, install a water fountain and feed them wet food to help hydrate them.

If your cat stopped drinking water all of a sudden, do not panic, sometimes the reason can be due to a stressful surrounding or presence of unfamiliar animal or human being. However, if your cat doesn’t drink water over the course of 24hours, seek medical attention. Dehydration can have a fatal outcome for your pet so act quickly when you notice such.


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