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How long can cats go without food

Cats have ability to hide sickness, this leaves their owner in a very difficult situation of knowing  when their cat is sick. However lost of appetite can signal a sign of illness .

When your cat stops eating food, you might be so worried that you wonder “How long can my cat go without eating food”. This article will explain everything on how long cats can stay without food and dangers your cat are subjected to when they starve for several days without food.



Cats can survive without food for 1-2 weeks however this depends on its water intake and overall health. Factors affecting a cat’s survival rate includes: genetic, heritage, weather, age, environment, and psychological condition. Younger cats have shown to stay longer without food than older ones, on the other hand, kitten also won’t last long as adult cats


Water is very essential for the survival of every living thing. While cats can stay 1-2 weeks without food, they can only stay 3-4 days without water. Not drinking water enough is very dangerous and can cause complications. This is why wet food is a more suitable choice at such times.

Canned wet food contains enough water and this will make it easier for your cat to stay without water for a longer time. Also, bear it in mind that hyperactive cats tend to burn more fluid than less active ones so a shortage of fluid in their body will lead to shutdown of some organs of the body. Also bear in mind that sick and older cats are more prone to dehydration hence should be provided with fluid all the time.


Cat’s organs shut down very quickly if they don’t eat unlike dogs and humans, their lives are not made to support their bodies for long living off their bodies energy shores alone.

A cat can die three to four days without any protein intake even if they are hydrated.

There are very harmful consequences the longer your cat doesn’t eat. Once your cat stops eating, its organs start to deteriorate. The digestive system shutdown first followed by the brain, then the heart.

When your cat stays up to three days without food, it develops an illness called hepatic lipidosis. Hepatic lipidosis is a condition that makes the liver to package the fat proteins and supply it to the bloodstream. It is caused by a lack of protein in the cat’s body and this may lead to liver and biliary tract problems.

Hepatic lipidosis can be temporary or permanent but it can be reversed by feeding properly. Obese cats are more prone to hepatic lipidosis.

Most times loss of appetite doesn’t manifest until late stages of illness therefore seek medical attention immediately you notice this sign of a problem. Speak with a vet to help you diagnose what’s wrong with your cat and what needs to be done.



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