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How often to feed a tuxedo cat

‘How often to feed a tuxedo cat?’ is a question many cat parents struggle to get answers to. Feeding a tuxedo cat can be a complicated responsibility. If you feed your tuxedo cat too little, it won’t maintain good health and if you feed it too much, it will probably get fat.

The key to a happy, healthy tuxedo cat is feeding them the right type and right amount of food-specific to their individual age and lifestyle.

However, there is no quick and easy answer to how often to feed a tuxedo cat as there are many factors that affect it such as the age and relative health of your cat, how many tuxedo cats you have, your own home environment, as well as the type of food you feed your tuxedo cat.


Kittens require more food per pound of their body weight to support their growth than adult tuxedo cats. Therefore, they should be fed throughout the day. As a rule, kittens under six weeks old should remain with their mother and be fed breast milk only.

Kittens at five weeks old should gradually be introduced to a good kitten canned food with kitten milk replacer. Growing kittens up to six months of age should be fed three times a day. Vets recommend weighing the kittens regularly to ensure they are gaining weight as they should be.


Adult tuxedo cat doesn’t require frequent feeding. Once a tuxedo cat is a year old, it is considered as an adult tuxedo cat, and feeding once or twice a day is considered appropriate.

Then tuxedo cats of seven years old and above should be fed only once a day as long as they are healthy and have no disease problems that may require to feed differently.



If your tuxedo cat suffers from health problems such as diabetes, you may need to feed him whenever insulin is administered to him. If your tuxedo cat has hyperthyroidism, he may want to eat all the time. In this case call for medical attention, if it is a treatable problem, treat it and then feed your tuxedo cat normally.

As your tuxedo cat becomes older, it’s gum becomes weak and chewing might be a difficult task for your tuxedo cat. At this point, finner sized kibbles or wet cat food should be fed to them.


Dry food is fine as long as it is complete and balanced, the only disadvantage of dry food is that it contains a small percentage of water. Unfortunately, we all know how cats dislike water and so, feeding your tuxedo cat wet canned food which contains up to 70 to 80 percent of water can go a long way in hydrating your tuxedo cat.

Adult tuxedo cat may be fed canned food morning and night, with dry food left out for grazing.


For indoor tuxedo cats who are lazy and like sleeping on furniture most of the day,free-feeding can cause your tuxedo cat to eat more out of boredom which can easily lead to overweight or even obesity. If your cat is very active this will be of no problem. Some tuxedo cats who are overweight might need to be put on a diet.

In that case, your vet might suggest you limit the food you feed your tuxedo cat.


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