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How to fatten up a cat – Tips on the best ways to fatten your little friend

Some cats may have a good appetite, in fact, it may be eating more than usual but still be losing weight. And some cats just don’t like to eat. This article will help you to know different ways to make your cat gain some weight.


While food is the answer, the solution is a bit complicated because you might be giving your cat enough meal but it doesn’t have the appetite or he might be eating but will still look skinny. When that happens, it is advisable to check the underlying factor that might be causing it.

Malnourishment is one of the common reasons for a cat to be underweight. His food intake might be alright but it might not be getting enough nutrients that it needs, for instance, some owners feed their cat junk which can be why it doesn’t get enough calories and nutrients to sustain its weight.

In terms of having a loss of appetite, it can be as a result of illness. It is good to schedule a medical checkup with your veterinarian when you notice your cat’s change of appetite to determine the cause of it. Research has shown that weight loss is an early sign of kidney disease, this early medical intervention will help to start tackling the problem on time.


A lot of people want to fatten up their cat for the sake of their health while some want a bit more fat in their cats for better sniggles. Whatever may be the reason here are the few methods you can use in order to fatten up your cat properly.

First of all, before considering increasing your cat’s weight, call a veterinarian to know about your cat’s ideal weight range and find out how much it needs to gain.


Not knowing the difference between fat and muscle is a major problem we see. People need to understand there is a big difference between lean muscle and fat. Some people feed their cat dry food to fatten their cat up. This is very wrong because it adds too much fat to the body which will expose the cat to so many health risks such as diabetes, look for food with a higher protein, and higher fat. Try as much as possible to avoid junk food.


If your cat doesn’t like cat food because of flavour, then it will best to spice it up to look more appetizing. Cats love the taste of fish so you can add fish oil in order to add to the taste. The oil will also help the cat to gain weight as they contain the needed amount of calories and fat. Salmon oil seems to be a very good choice.

In addition to human food such as cottage cheese, egg whites, vegetables or yogurt are recommendable since they contain extra calories and can be a yummy treat to help fatten up your cat.


Kitten food contains higher levels of protein and fat than adult food. It contains high calories to add rapid growth of kittens so it will help cats to gain weight

It takes the right food for your cat to gain weight, make sure your cat maintain the right weight, it will help also to make its organs function well so it can live for many years.


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