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How to get a cat to like you

While connecting with a puppy may seem easy, bonding with a cat may be difficult. Like so many other humans, you might find your cat to be mysterious creatures. Cats often have this character of being aloof, mood swing and apathetic. They can be showing you love one moment and avoiding or scratching you the next moment.

Many cat owners often feel like their cats don’t like them which leaves them researching on how to get their cats to like them. Believe it or not that it is not hard to make friends with a feline if you know what to do and be able to do it properly. There are certain things you can do to foster a better relationship between you and your cat.

How to get a cat to like you

Here are some tips on how to effectively get your cat to like you


Whenever there is a change of environment in the life of a cat such as a new family member it is always important to provide enough time for your cat to adapt to these new changes. It is also important not to force your cat to do what they don’t want to do.

A cat will move forward when they don’t feel safe, so is recommended you give it space and enough time. Pushing your cat hard may bring more distance between the two of you. Respecting your cat’s boundaries will make them to like you.


Another method you can use to get your cat to like you is to make it associate your presence with something positive. This can be in the form of providing food for them, petting them respectively, providing toys for them, your cat will associate these pleasant things with your presence.

On the other hand, if anytime you arrive and you engage in stressful behaviour, the association they will have with you will be negative.


Punishing your cat will not only create distance between the two of you but will also increase their anxiety levels, feel insecure and increase their stress. Positive reinforcement is advised to be used when correcting the bad behaviour of your cat or you can seek advice from a feline behaviourist if necessary.


Playing game should be a daily activity with your cat, it is important to improve your bond with your cat and also to stimulate their mind and enrich their daily life. If you make a cat happy, they are more likely to like you.


Cats are always grateful to those who protect them and love them. If you show them indisputable affection, then it will go a long way in getting them to like you. You can do this through kisses, caresses and speaking to them softly.

Understanding feline nature requires you to be patient and constant in your quest for friendship. This is very necessary if you want to bond with a cat and make them like you. Summary, the most important thing to do in other to gain a cat’s trust is to give them space, respect their personality and strive to understand their body language.


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