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Rare cat breeds – Breed of cats that are rare

Many people know what a Siamese cat looks like, or a Persian. However, do you know what a Minskin is? A Peterbald? They are some of the rarest cats in the world. Cats are one of the few creatures in the world that are universally accepted as pets.

However, you might actually be more surprised that some of the rare and unique of this cat breeds. Join me as I take you through some of the rarest and exotic cats.

Rare Cat breeds


The serval comes from Africa but very popular in the United States as a pet. What made this cat interesting is its sizes and looks because is actually very tall for a cat and if you saw one trawling around town, you would probably think is a Cheetah. However, the serval is rather docile, it doesn’t climb, enjoys always being quiet and it only hunts for small prey.

Serval cat


The Peterbald is originally from Russia. its creator is Olga Mitonova who made this Russian breed by crossing Oriental short hair and Siamese. This breed of cat was officially recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1997. The Peterbald cat is very active and wants to spend most of its time playing.



This hairless breed of cat is created through selective breeding back in the 1960s. Even though this cat appears to be hairless, there are actually patches of hair on their skin. The Sphynx is described to be more dog-like due to their friendly nature and they greet their owners at the door.



A black cat is viewed as bad luck but some of them are seen as good luck, one of them being the Korat. Why is so is because of its rarity to the extent that in the 14th century, they were a sign of status and honor among the tiers of government, some were even given away as gift as a symbol of fame.


Till today, Korax is still extremely rare, it has never been seen in the wild or even at homes. This is likely because of their reserved nature, they apparently don’t enjoy loud noise coupled with their sensitive nose which would drive them out of the city.


The Norwegian forest cat is a breed of cat that’s very popular in Europe but in world war II, this particular cat almost became extinct, it did survive almost due to the efforts of the Norwegian forest cat club. They saved the cat then used a special breeding program to bring the number of their population back to acceptable levels.

Norwegian forest cat


The California Spangled was developed in the United States by an anthropologist named Louis Leakey. The California Spangled is now one of the rarest cats in existence. Proven that even cats can go out of style because you see the California Spangled was made to resemble the cats of Africa, the Leopard.

California spangled

But sadly the desire to breed this cat also led to the breeding of the Bengal and Ocelot which made the popularity of the California Spangled to reduce.


The Minskin is a crossbreed of Munchkin and Sphynx. They were first created back in 2000 which makes them one of the newest cat breeds. They got their hairlessness from their Sphynx parent and their small size from Munchkin parent. Minskin was officially recognized as a new breed back in 2008 by The International Cat Association (TICA).




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