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Tuxedo cat breed: the different breeds and their characteristics

Tuxedo cats are not breeds. They are bicoloured cats, they have prominent bicolour pattern. Their name is gotten from men’s formal wear because of the stark black and white contrast of their coat combined. Generally, the body is black and the chest and paws are white. Tuxedo cats are actually piebald cat that is a cat with white fur combined with fur of some other colours, it can be white and black, orange and white, grey and white etcetera.

As we said, tuxedos are not bred, they can be a variety of breeds like Maine Coon, Turkish angora etcetera. They are just special because of their distinct colour pattern that is they have a combination of white and other colours.

There are different types of cat breeds, while encyclopedia Britannica lists only fifteen. The international cat association recognizes seventy-one cat breeds. As of 2019, the international cat association (TICA) recognizes 71, cat fanciers Association (CFA) recognizes 44 and the federation international feline (FIFE) recognizes 43.

The reason for this disparity in the number of classification is because an animal might be considered different breeds by different registries.

Here are some classifications of cat breed and their characteristics. There are criteria being considered before classifying a cat, some of them are the physical characteristics such as the shape of the ear, type of coat and shades, muzzle shape etcetera.

Some known Tuxedo Cat breeds include:


The Persian cat is an old breed. It was originated from Mesopotamia which was known as Persia. It has very long hair and because of that needs high maintenance. It has a large, round head, round eyes, a short nose, full cheeks and small ears with rounded tips. A Persian’s leg is short, thick with large firm paws. A Persian cat is known for being a sweet and noble character.


This cat is known for its elegance. It has large blue eyes and wedge-shaped head, long slim legs with the hind hands higher than the front legs. They have various forms of point colouration. Siamese cat is one of the oldest domesticated breeds of cat. The outstanding personality of the Siamese cat is that they are talkative and opinionated.


The Russian blue cat is a long and slender cat. It has a triangular-shaped head, large ears and round green eyes its furs are short and grey in colour. They are known for their sweet, playful and loyal temperament.


Sphynx cat is a breed of cat that is known for its lack of hair. It is often described as bad, wrinkled and potbellied. He has wedged shaped head, muscular legs set on oval paws with long slender toes. Sphynx cat loves attention and sociable character.


This cat is one of the most widespread cats. European short hair is of natural cat breed therefore, they develop without human intervention. It has short hair as a result of that requires low maintenance. European short hair has a variety of colours and patterns. It can be tabby, bicolour, tricolour or single colour. This breed is very athletic and intelligent.


Siberian cat has a wide appearance and is known to be an agile jumper. They have large eyes, broad foreheads and well-rounded paws. Siberian cat is known to have a long triple coat with guard hairs, awn hair and a downy undercoat. He has an abundant ruff around the neck. All colours are accepted in this breed except chocolate and violet.


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