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What breed is my cat? How to tell your cat’s breed

What breed is my cat? This is one of the most common question asked by cat owners. If you are not sure of your cat’s breed status to be it purebred, crossbreed or mixed breed adult or kitten due to one reason or the other like you adopted your cat, was a gift or even a stray before it became part of your family.

There are some sure ways to determine what type of breed your cat comes from.

Cats are little more bit challenging to identify than dog breeds. But, some traits that can help you determine what your cat breed are coat length, coat pattern, weight, vocality, temperament, personality traits, body type, face and ear shape, fur and mannerism. This article answers your question on how to tell your cat’s breed.


Hardly will you find two cats fit when it comes to fur length and this the first clue to narrow down cat’s breed. Most cats tend to be divided into long hairs and short hairs. Does your cat have short hair? Then it could possibly be a siamese cat, American short hair, Manx cat, Russian blue cat and so on.

If your cat has a long hair then breed of cats that are known to have long hairs include Persian cats, Maine coon, Angora, Burman and so on.


Observing a cat’s height and weight is another way to tell your cat’s breed. If your cat is long and large, it may be part of Norwegian forest cat. Muscular and athletic but not fluffy,  it could be part of Bengal cat or maybe small in size? Burmese cats are known to have a small size.


Another good physical indicator is its head. Asian breeds like the Siamese cat have a triangular head and ears. Some breed like British shorthair has a round head. Another key feature of a cat breed is the eye shape, Siamese cats have a very distinctive triangular eye shape.

The colour of a cat’s eyes says a lot about where it comes from, odd eye cats have a condition called heterochromia. Breeds that may have heterochromia includes Ragdoll,  Van Kedisi, Turkish van, Turkish Angora, The Russian white and so on.


Coats came in a variety of patterns. Tabby cats tend to be a blend of two distinct colours with one dominant colour. They are characterized by having “M” on their forehead. Then Tortoise hellcats are generally characterized by two distinct colours: red and black and are diluted with red, cream blue and brown. Some coat patterns include patches and brindle.

Tuxedo cats have distinctive markings of white on paws, chest and belly. Tuxedos are often thought of as black and white but can come in from grey and white, and orange and white


Some cats have a distinct personality that may help you to determine the breed as well. For example, is the cat shy? Russian blue cats have the highest probability for shyness. Aggressive? Turkish Vans also has the highest probability for aggression towards their owners or other cats.

Sphynx cats, siamese cats and Burmese cats are known for their talkative nature.  Apart from knowing your cat’s pedigree,  an important reason  for answering the question “what breed is my cat?” Is that you can identify the health problems specific breed is prone to have so that you can start on time to prevent it.


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