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Why cats hate water

Most cats dislike water, but they don’t actually fear it. This is why they have no problem launching themselves into the water if it’s the only way to escape. Cats prefer to stay dry and warm. Avoiding water is more of a preference than a necessity to them. They maintain a higher body temperature than humans, and it is harder for them to get and stay warm.

Cats may be fine with water to drink, but when it gets near to their fur, it can instantly turn a happy cat into a miniature lion. There are a number of reasons why cats hate water and we will be looking at these reasons in this article.

Why cats hate water

Let’s look into the varieties of reasons why cats hate water

Firstly, cats are very sensitive to smell. It is its most reliable sense. This makes it hard for households to hide some things from cats. They tend to find their way to these things – especially if they are edibles that they find enticing.

The chemicals in the tap water give it a particular odor which their noses pick up straight away. Some cats don’t even like to drink tap water because of their sensitivity to its odor.

A cat’s fur when drenched with water weighs it down and makes them unable to move at their normal agility levels. This is quite an uncomfortable experience for them with a springy and effortless gait. Cats like to know that they can get out of any situation anytime they need to.

Their top layer coat generally has some water resistance. However, it becomes heavy when it is soaked with water.

Another reason cat hates water is because of a negative experience or lack of experience with it. There is not much in a cat’s background to recommend them for successful interactions with water. It is the first interaction with water that can help to elucidate the mystery of why cats hate it.

Throughout their early history, cats were not exposed to rivers, lakes, and even rain; and as a result, were not as familiar with water as some evolving species.

In addition, cats hate coming in touch with water is the fact that it makes them cold as their body temperature drops drastically. This isn’t only a thing with cats. Humans too tend not to touch or let cold water touch them in winter or when there is so much cold; the same applies to some other animals, and cats too.

They maintain a higher body temperature than humans, and it is harder for them to get and stay warm.  As domestic short hairs generally have little fur, the water can get directly to their skin and make them feel too cold and therefore desperate to get out of water.

Lastly, as also seen in humans, lack of control makes cats hate water. Some cats cannot swim and so, they try as much as possible not to enter any water body; talk more about swimming.

There are cats that through experience love water so much. Such breeds of cat that do not hate water include the Turkish van, Maine coon, and the Abyssinian cat breeds.



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