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Why is my cat sneezing?

Why is my cat sneezing? You might be wondering. Well, just like other animals and humans, cats sneeze for a number of reasons. Some are just environment-caused while others are as a result of an ailment or some other things that we will be looking at in this article.

As we all know, animals are bound to get sick or show some signs of discomfort especially when they are in a condition that isn’t favorable to them. But, the difference between humans and animals is that we get to say and know when something is wrong with us and seek medical attention or change our environment in a bid to get more comfortable.

Unfortunately, our cats are always with us; some of them are fulltime indoor cats and they don’t get to change their environments and all. Nonetheless, we will get to find out why your cat is sneezing and when to panic or seek the services of a veterinary doctor.

Why is my cat sneezing?

There are a number of reasons why your cat is sneezing and surprisingly, they are the same reasons humans do. Some of these reasons include:

#1 Your cat might have a respiratory infection:

most often, viral infections or other kinds of infection on the respiratory tract of animals (cats inclusive) can cause them to sneeze. Cats just like humans can catch a cold too and therefore, in reaction to this, they sneeze.

Some of these viral infections that can cause them to sneeze include herpes virus, calicivirus, and some other infections like mycoplasma and Chlamydia infections.

Respiratory infections might also come with cough and this can lead to tears coming out of your cat’s eyes in reaction… You are advised to seek the services of a veterinary doctor once you notice this kind of sneezing with accompanied cough for days and it doesn’t clear up.

#2 Your cat is exposed to some irritants:

just like in humans, some things can cause irritations in the respiratory tract of cats and cause them to sneeze. Some of these irritants include dust, cigarette smoke, perfumes, strong spices like cinnamon and pepper, cleaning products like vinegar, bleach, essential oils, and the likes. This type of sneezing stops once the irritant leaves the air.

To make it mild when these irritants are still in the air, you can take the cat outside, to another part of the building where the air is cleaner and you will find out that the sneezing will stop


#3 Your cat might have dental disease:

sneezing is one of the symptoms of cat dental disease. Research has it that infection on the feline tooth can allow bacteria to establish a nasal sinus that will cause inflammation and in turn sneezing. If the dental disease is not treated for a long time, the bacteria can spread to other parts of the cat and cause serious damage and death.

#4 Did you vaccinate your cat with any internasal vaccine recently?

Internasal vaccines that fight respiratory infections can cause sneezing in cats a few days after it was administered. This type of sneezing oftentimes goes away after a few days.

#5 your cat might have a foreign body in her nose:

this happens mostly to cats that play outdoors and in the garden. Most times, grasses might enter through its nose, and in reaction to this, she sneezes. This continues until the foreign body comes out and then it stops. If in the end, this foreign body has not sneezed out, it might cause a nasal infection that needs treatment.

#6 your cat might have nasal cancer:

if the sneeze comes out with some blood droplets, this might be a sign of nasal cancer or some other fungal infection. Once you notice this type, it is important that you rush your cat to the nearest veterinary hospital as soon as possible for treatments and to help save her life.


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